Sunday, August 16, 2015

Your God And Our God, And Worship And Slavery

God? God of what? God of whom? Wait, who deserves to be regarded as a god? Or who is truly a god, not a false god? If you claim that Jesus is your God, then which is true: Is it true that Jesus is your supreme being, or is it true that Jesus is your sovereign ruler? Neither, right? If you claim that Allah is our God, then which is true: Is it true that Allah is our supreme being, or is it true that Allah is our sovereign ruler? And if someone is not right regarding the meaning of god, so what then? Actually, what does the word “god” mean? Between “supreme being” and “sovereign ruler”, which is, or should be the true meaning of god? Verily, “god” means “sovereign ruler”, not “supreme being”. A true god is not dependent on being worshiped. And be aware that Jesus Christ was born in the Middle East, not in USA, nor in Europe. Understand that Jesus Christ did not speak English, but the word “god” is an English word. And understand, that Mary, the Virgin, did not call her son by the name “Jesus”. So? Let us all realize and only use the true meaning of god. And let us not translate any personal name, even if the name is perfectly translatable.
    Be aware that the words “Allah” and “God” are not just the same. The word “Allah”, as Jesus and Isa and Maryam and Muhammad, is a personal name. “Allah” is a personal name, unlike “Lord”, and unlike “King”, and unlike “God”. And truly, “god” in English is “ilah” in Arabic, and is “tuhan” in Malay. Whom did Mary, the Virgin, worship while she was pregnant? Whom did Mary, the Virgin, accept as her lord, and as her king, and as her god? So? Nevertheless, who made you and me? Shouldn’t we worship our maker? Shouldn’t we accept our creator as our lord? And shouldn’t we accept our creator as our king? If you believe that someone other than Allah is your creator and your life-giver, then can you prove it? Nevertheless, to worship means to humble oneself as slave. If there is a slave, then there is a lord. And a king is a lord, is at least a lord over those he rules. Worshiping, as humility and surrendering to Allah, is an attitude. And remember, accepting as lord, more so accepting as king, is worshiping. We should worship Allah and be loyal to Him: In other words, we should accept Allah, only Allah as our lord, and only Allah as our king. Truly, Allah has the right to be lord and king over us, His creations. Slavery is not where Allah is king or lord, but slavery is where other than Allah is king or lord. And like it or not, Allah remains in power, as lord, and as king, and as god.