Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Power Of Truths, And Let Us Change For The Better

Truths will destroy fake Islam and fake Christianity and all or many fallacies. If that is true, then should you be scared? Or should you be glad? Anyway, if you claim to be a Muslim, not a Munafik, then do you know that “la-ilaha-illallah” is a truth, but saying “ash-hadu-alla-ilaha-illallah” makes you a liar or a false witness? Nevertheless, do you know what “Muslim” means? Actually, how did Rasulullahs enter Islam, that is, become Muslims? Dare to ponder. And if Allah is the sole creator of Islam, so?
    If you claim to be a Christian, then do you know that Jesus Christ was not a Christian? Shouldn’t you worship only the being that was worshiped by Jesus Christ’s mother? And “god” is an English word, but Jesus Christ did not speak English: So? Do understand that accepting as lord, more so accepting as king, is worshiping. And be aware, that the word “Allah” is a personal name, unlike “Lord”, and unlike “King”, and unlike “God”. Lord and king and god are 3 types or categories of rulers, yes, rulers. A dead being is powerless, certainly not capable to rule as lord, let alone as king. And god means sovereign ruler, that is, a ruler who is uncontrolled by anyone. Be aware, that “Allah” is not “al” plus “ilah”, therefore, “Allah” does not mean the God. Furthermore, if Allah was believed to be Moon God, then the word “Allah” was not meant God, nor the God. Truthfully, the Arabic word spelled “Allah” is not a combinaton of “al” and “ilah”, but instead an omission of the Arabic letter called “alif” after combining the words “al” and “ilah”. So? Do not be misled. And remember, Allah, our creator, deserves our utmost loyalty and obedience.
    What is the Origin of Life? And who is the Ultimate Creator? Who is our creator, our life-giver, our owner? And who has the right to be our lord, our king, our god? The answer to all those is Allah. And if you really want global peace and justice, or even global happiness and advancement, then consider promoting spiritual truths, inluding the truths that Allah is our creator, our life-giver, our lord, our king, our god, to whom we all belong, and to whom we are returned. Beware, the source for true Islam and righteousness is the Quran, not the Hadith. And beware, loving Allah and all His messengers does not make you a Muslim, let alone loving only one Rasulullah. Nevertheless, let us be righteous and mindful, not becoming pride-retarded fools.