Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Before Preaching Or Doing Solat (Salat)

Preaching others to do solat? Or want to do solat? First of all, whom do you worship, really worship, and have you really entered Islam or are you truly a Muslim? Do you really know what you are saying while doing solat? And what are the teachings of Allah regarding solat, including regarding when to do solat? lf you actually worship someone other than Allah, or if you lie or make a false statement in solat, then what should you expect? A big reward from Allah? How about a big laugh or smiles from Iblis and satans? Nevertheless, if you do solat at the wrong time, or if you are against the teaching of Allah regarding solat, then what? And if you are wrong regarding the meaning of worship and god and Muslim and Islam and liberty and slavery, or if you are wrong regarding how to enter Islam, then shouldn’t you be regarded as a fake Muslim or non-Muslim, if not even a Kafir?
    According to the Quran, zikrullah is akbar or superior than solat. And isn’t it true that zikrullah is giving, while solat is asking? Be honest. Solat, as zikrullah and fasting, is an act of worship. And worshiping, which is humbling oneself as slave, is actually an attitude. Beware, if you actually worship someone other than Allah, then you are a Kafir, no matter what you say or do. And truly, worshiping is about lordship, not godship. Islam is not dependent on Rasulullahs, let alone ulama. Allah is the sole creator of Islam, therefore, true teachings and laws of Islam are dependent solely on Allah, Him, the sole author of the Quran. And fully understand that Allah is rob-binnas, malikin-nas, ila-hinnas, that is, lord of humans, king of humans, god of humans. Beware of mistranslations and fool’s ulama. Do use your brain. And be rational. Beware of pride. The Quran is the source for Islam and righteousness, while the Hadith is the source for deviations and unrighteous additions. And it is not being rational, nor thinking, but what should be equalized to learning Islam from satans is learning Islam from the Hadith and misguided teachers.
    If you understand verse 1 to 3 of surah Kafirun, then you should realize that what differentiates Muslim from Kafir is regarding one being worshiped, not solat. And remember, only a true Muslim can be a true follower of Muhammad, Rasulullah. Verily, Rasulullahs, including Muhammad, did not enter Islam by saying the Syahadah, nor by practising the so-called Pillars of Islam. And the teaching which says that entering Islam is by saying the Syahadah should be regarded as a propaganda of Munafiks. Beware, loving Allah and all His messengers does not make you a true Muslim, let alone loving only Muhammad. And be a follower of the Quran, not or rather than a follower of any human. A Muslim is necessarily one who worships Allah, only Allah, and who surrenders to Allah. And accepting as lord, more so accepting as king, is worshiping. So? If you like to become a Muslim, or a dweller of Paradise, then do apply, “oh Allah, my lord, my king, my god, to you I surrender; salam, oh Allah, salam.”