Wednesday, July 16, 2014

About God And Allah (ul-law-h) And Jesus

The word “ilah” in Arabic is “god” in English, and is “tuhan” in Malay (Bahasa Melayu) and in Bahasa Indonesia. “Allah” is a personal name, unlike “God”, and unlike “Lord”. And the word “god” means sovereign ruler, that is, a ruler who is not controlled by anyone. If “god” means sovereign ruler, then who is a god, truly a god, not a false god? Like it or not, Jesus Christ was born in the Middle East, not Europe, and not elsewhere, and he did not speak English, but “god” is an English word; so, is it perfectly rational to believe that Jesus Christ used the word “god” or preached to worship God, not Allah? Rationally, whom Jesus Christ would claim to be a god, a true god, and whom Jesus Christ and his pious mother would claim to be their Lord and their King? And please also realize that “rob-binnas, malikin-nas, ila-hinnas” in Arabic is “lord of humans, king of humans, god of humans” in English, and is “tuan manusia, raja manusia, tuhan manusia” in Malay. Now, if “Christian” actually means follower of Jesus Christ, then Jesus Christ is really not a Christian because Jesus Christ is not a follower of Jesus Christ. Correct? Imagine. And feel.
    So, what is the religion of Jesus Christ? Is it not Islam? Is it not possibly Islam? Honestly, who is your lord; and who is your king; and who is your god? What could be the answers from Jesus Christ (aka Isa al-Masih)? What could be the answers from his mother, the pious Virgin? And what are the answers from you, or from someone who claims to be a Christian, a true Christian, not a fake? Truly, whom did Mary worship during her pregnancy? Is it a being whose name is “Jesus”, or is it a being whose name is “God”, or is it a being whose name is “Allah”? And truly, by what name did Mary (aka Maryam) call her son? Is it “Jesus”, or is it “Isa”? Truly, humans are not equal in righteousness. And humans are not even equal in honesty. So, do be mind-full. Truthfully, “God” and “Lord” are not personal names. Any personal name should not be translated, nor Westernized, nor Easternized, or else it could cause or lead to stupid disagreements, or confusion, or even disgrace, eternal disgrace. Beware. And for absolutely true information about Islam, look into the Quran, but for false or misleading information, look into the Hadith. Verily, true Christians are Muslims, if Isa al-Masih is a Muslim, as true followers of Muhammad are Muslims, if Muhammad is a Muslim. But remember, a Muslim, true Muslim, accepts only Allah as personal lord, also as personal king. Hmm, fake Christians, and fake Muslims. Allah knows. Like it or not, we are created by Allah, the life giver, the only true god. And to Allah we should be loyal and “aslam”.