Tuesday, October 14, 2014

God, And To Become A True Muslim

Muslim simply means one who “aslim” or surrenders to Allah. And according to surah Kafirun, a (true) Muslim is someone who worships Allah, only Allah. So, entering Islam is NOT by saying the “Syahadah”. Be aware. And do realize that accepting as king or as lord is worshiping. “God” means sovereign ruler. And do realize that only a sovereign ruler is or can be the most powerful being; in other words, only a sovereign ruler is or can be the supreme being. But who is a sovereign ruler, truly a sovereign ruler, uncontrolled by anyone? No one is a sovereign ruler, except Allah. Only Allah is a sovereign ruler, and because “god” means sovereign ruler, therefore, only Allah is a god. So? Not a god except Allah. Anyone other than Allah is really not a god. And only Allah is a sovereign ruler; so, only Allah is the supreme being. If you want to be in Islam, that is, if you want to become a (true) Muslim, then put to practise the following: “Oh Allah, my lord, my king, my god, to you I surrender; salaam, oh Allah, salaam”. Like it or not, Allah is our creator. And like it or not, Allah still rules, as lord, and as king, and as god. Regardless of our preferences, Allah owns us. Regardless of our preferences, Allah is our lord, our king, our god. And to Allah we are returned. Be righteous.